Friday, August 30, 2013

Yep here it is another one direction post, i would apologise but i love them too much.

So here goes. The film came out yesterday in the UK (scream) and of course I went to the first showing where I lived which was at 11:30 am. In the cinema I was in it was surprisingly not very busy at all which was quite disappointing as me and my two friends were the loudest people in there.

The film started and we were all so happy the boys voices came on and it was the best thing to hear them talk about growing up and where they lived. The film was absolutely amazing and i am so proud of the boys and the team that works with them. I laughed, cried, sang, clapped all in one film which was the best thing ever.

It was lovely to see the boys on tour as i haven't had a chance to see them live but i definitely will soon probably on the tour after the stadium one. It was also great the see the boys with their families. The 1D mums are the best and they are so supportive like all their relatives. I enjoyed seeing the impact the boys had on fans and what they do in their free time which they need more of as they work so hard. It was great seeing them mess around before the shows. The 3D was amazing as it was like you were there too.

So thanks boys for doing such an amazing job, I am incredibly proud of you and thanks for making a film.

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