pretty little liars finale

Friday, August 30, 2013

Everyone has been waiting for this big reveal since Pretty Little Lairs started. The big question was Who is A? But now we finally have our answer but is it the on we all wanted?

If you have been watching  PLL then we all know how good the finales of PLL is and this one topped them all.
It all started when the liars got the magic 8 balls which started 'World War A.' The gifts kept coming with a coffin and a doll of Mona inside (bit freaky). But then things got even better Aria and Ezra had a rekindle in the coffee shop but this was a mistake if only she knew what was going to happen at the end.

So many exciting things happened lets go from the beginning:-
  • World War A began 
  • Travis gets Mrs Marin off the hook
  • Ezra's deep speech in English - does he wants Aria back
  • Lots of Toby and Spencer drama but they work it out like always they're unbreakable
  • CeCe Drake - Did she kill Wilden?
  • Shana is in Wrens house hmm bit shady. - Does this mean he is working with Jenna, Shana and Melissa.
  • Poor Jake falls asleep while watching a black and white movie with Aria. Will this relationship last?
  • Ezria moment in the coffee shop.
  • Magic show in Ravenswoood who would go to that scary town and get in a box only Aria and the liars
  • Emily trapped in a box and nearly gets cut in half luckily hanna to the rescue.
  • There is TWO redcoats!!
  • Arias martial arts paid off and fights one red coat (CeCe). Is she dead? But then she disappears
  • A's a man
  • The girls bump into Mrs Grundwald and she reveals Ali is alive because she saved her! YAY! 
  • And now the big reveal EZRA is A!!! dun dun dunn
So why is Ezra A? Or is he the real A? Is he the guy Ali was meeting? There is still so many unanswered questions.

If you havent watched the summer finale you need to.
Dont forget  October 22 2013 PLL is back for the Halloween special.  Hopefully some of our many questions will be answered. Also, there will be a spin off after the halloween special which then continues every tuesday. Ravenswood looks interesting, it has Caleb in it and i can not wait to see how it turns out.
One last thing if you haven't read the PLL books you need to they are as good as the TV show. Well done Sara Shepard on your amazing imagination.

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