September beauty haul

Sunday, September 15, 2013

 So, I think we all know I love beauty and fashion so of course this weekend I went out and bought a few things, I tried to stick to a budget because sixth form has suddenly made me poor- sigh.

First of all I went to boots (beauty blogger heaven)  and what is even better is they have buy one get one half price. I took advantage obviously and bought 4 items but one was for my mum as she has been wanting a new lipstick recently. In the end I only ended up paying £14.66 which for boots I think its really good.

Maybelline dream matte mouse - £7.69
Maybelline baby lips -  £2.99
Firstly I picked up the Maybelline baby lips as I have finally joined the craze and I know I wont turn back. I chose the pink punch as I thought I would like to take care of my lips and add some colour as well which is what they exactly do. I have been wearing it every day and I have noticed that the condition of my lips have improved as they feel softer. Also when I'm nervous I  bite the skin of my lips but now there is no chapped lips so I don't need to. The price is great as well as they are so affordable. Well done maybelline for making such a great product. I remember reading a blog post about baby lips coming to the UK and I couldn't wait to get my hands on one  and I am going to get the whole collection - peach kiss is next.

Stay matte powder - £3.99
While I was at the Maybelline stand I saw the dream matte mousse foundation I knew I already had one (pictured) but i thought why not get another so before I knew it, it was in my hand at the till. I remember I was in year 8/9 at school and everyone was loving this foundation and I still am. I love this foundation because it so easy to apply and it doesn't feel heavy on your skin like some foundations do. It also gives a good finish. I think the price is reasonable but could be cheaper like the Rimmel lasting finish foundation which I also love. But overall very pleased with this foundation and I recommend it to be in your beauty drawer.

The last product I bought in boots while carefully trying to stick to my budget without nearly buying the whole shop was the Rimmel stay matte powder. I love this powder, it was the first powder I bought and I am still using it today. It is long lasting when I use it with my maybelline matte mousse but sometimes if I'm rushing around with this powder and liquid foundation I do have to re apply maybe once but that does not bother me. I love this product too much to let it bother me. I use the transparent shade because I don't want any extra colour on top of my foundation but if I do or would then I would use the sandstorm shade.The price for this product too is amazing as it is only £3.99 which sometimes I can pay for with my boots points alone which is great. So if you want a cheap powder that lasts up to 5 hours and hides pores this is the one for you.

I did go to Superdrug as well but all I picked up was some cotton wool pads and I didn't think you would like to hear about that.

Lots of love

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