What's in my School bag...

Sunday, September 08, 2013

(from left to right) hairbrush, two black notebooks (whsmith), purse (primark, £5), inside of bag, hairbrush showing mirror, apple headphones, keys and memory stick with monkey keyring, the school bag (£19.99, new look) 
Tissues, vaseline, rimmel stay matte powder, favourite pen from accessorize, inside of make up bag, moisturiser, compact mirror, deodorant and make up bag/pencil case.

So, I have always wanted to do a 'what's in my bag' post as I love reading and watching them.
As its September and it's time to go back to school I thought why not do a 'what's in my school bag' so here it goes...

My school bag is from New Look and it was £19.99. I really like it because it is very spacious and easy and quick to get into. Its leather as well which makes it waterproof which is good because then the contents of my bag wont get wet when it rains (which it does a lot in the UK). I would recommend you get this bag as it is an ideal fashionable school bag. 
I have two A4 notebooks in there as in sixth form you need to make a lot of notes and they're a good size to have. I haven't took a picture of it but I have my phone in my bag the phone i have is the Iphone 5 which I love and have wanted for sooo long. I have my apple headphones to so I can listen to my favourite boys one direction. I take my purse to school just in case I need to buy anything. This purse is good because it has a lot of compartments and I really wanted a big purse for a while and it was only £5 (what a bargain). Another one of my necessities I take with me are my keys which have my memory stick as it is always a good idea to back up work and I need my key just in case I am ever locked out. I love the keyring I have as it is a monkey (my favourite animal). I am not sure where its from as a friend bought it for me. 
Next up is my make up bag which contains my stationary which includes my favourite pen from accessorize the only down sides to it is the glitter comes off and it is blue ink as I prefer to write in black. I then carry a deodorant with me as I don't really want to smell around school (not that I do). I then have tissues and wipes just incase i ever need them. I also have a hairbrush that doesn't actually go in the make up bag because its too big. The hairbrush has a mirror on the back which is helpful so I recommend getting one like that. I also have a compact mirror which I use to apply my powder if I ever need to touch up during the day and my vaseline. I love the rosy lips vaseline as it adds colour to your lips as well as healing them if they are chapped which happens a lot to me in the winter. Last but not least I have a moisturiser to be honest I didn't even know that was in there but it does smell really nice and is good for your skin.

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