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Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello all
So, this weekend I have took a trip to Bournemouth with my family. I am staying in a very nice lodge if you don’t know what one is then it’s basically a wooden cabin. I decided to take a break from my Alevel work and finally relax. So it is a very good time to write some blog posts. 

Obviously I went shopping on my little holiday and I did come across some very nice things, I tend to find more items that I love away from home. I sadly didn’t buy everything I saw as I would end up extremely poor as I am currently saving for a chromebook. But anyway back to the haul.
I ended up buying 4 items which is very reasonable I think and won’t overload my suitcase.

The first item of clothing I purchased was a pale pink knitted jumper from H&M for only £5 which I just had to pick up as who can resist a bargain like that especially as it is autumn/winter. I love the colour of the jumper as you can wear it with everything. It is also very soft and cosy which will be good for sitting in the freezing common room. 

Next, I bought some Joni jeans from Topshop and I love them. It took me so long to find some jeans that fit me perfectly as my waist is quite petite but my hips aren’t and then my legs are quite thing but long so it took me a while to find the perfect fit but these are my favourite. I already have them in black but I bought them in grey this time so I am ready for the winter months. They cost £36 which I think it quite reasonable for jeans as some are quite expensive, it is even better if you have student discount (I use it all the time) as then the jeans come to £32.40.

 I then went to Primark (don’t judge me we all know you’ve been there once) where I bought two items which were both tartan. I quite like the tartan trend as I find you can wear it with any outfit on any piece of clothing. Both my items were £6 which I think is very cheap. I already have the first item in black and white but the material is different. I really like the material on this blue, black and white tartan blouse as you can dress it up or dress it down quite easily. Lastly, I picked up a thin red and black tartan jumper which I plan on wearing with my Joni jeans as they are highwaisted so I can took the top in. 
Thanks for reading 
lots of love 

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