Sunday, November 17, 2013

I've seen a few blog posts and tags with lots of different girl crushes.  So I thought as I have quite a few it is I would show you mine and why. I thought I best start with my ultimate girl crush which is ELEANOR CALDER, I know she isn't famous  but I absolutely love her. The best compliment I have ever had is someone saying they remind me of El.

 Many of you probably know that Eleanor is dating Louis Tomlinson (my favourite member of 1D) but that is not the only reason why i love her and if you don't know Eleanor studies at Manchester University right now.
Eleanor is my girl crush for many reasons the first is she is a very natural, normal girl and even with all the attention she gets she has got to be the kindest person I have ever seen. Also, I love the natural make up look she creates as her foundation has the dewy look which i think looks great on her. She also keeps her eyes and lips very natural by not adding a lot of product.

Another thing I love about Eleanor is her style which may be because it is quite similar to mine. I love the casual looks she puts together with her wardrobe staples. You will see El in a lot of beanies, casual tops and statement jumpers the one i love the most is the 'Kate Moss and some pizza slices.' Eleanor also wears many cute dresses and when she is going out she dresses up in amazing outfits too.
I am extremely jealous of Eleanor's hair as it seems so perfect all the time. To get her casual waves/curls looks I read she uses dry shampoo and leaves it in plaits overnight which I will definitely be trying.
So, Eleanor Calder is my top girl crush I love her carefree, fun loving personality and her style.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my first 'girl crush' post and hopefully i'll post some more soon.
Lots of love

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