Monday, November 04, 2013

Hello everyone,
I hope you have all had a good weekend. Sadly, it is monday and my last day off before school tomorrow so I thought I'd write a quick post. So here goes...

As you probably already know from my recent haul these are my favourite jeans. So as I love them so much I decided to review them. Let’s begin.

The fit
I find the fit of the jeans are very good as my body is very awkward and likes the big in some places and very small in other so it was extremely helpful that the Joni jeans seemed to fit everywhere perfectly. They do various waist sizes and leg length sizes they really are prefect for everyone. The jeans are also highwaisted which I love as highwaisted items of clothing make my waist look smaller and really flatter my body shape. But I do find with the grey pair of jeans they are thinner than the black so after you have worn them once they come a bit loose so you have to wash them every time you’ve wore to keep the fit perfect.

The colours
The jeans come in a variety of colours from black to blue. I have grey and black at the moment and when it comes to summer I plan on getting light blue. I have also previously seen on the Topshop website a polka dot pattern pair but for me I like plain jeans.

The price
The super high waisted joni jean range from £36-38 which I think is reasonable as they are from a popular high street shop and you will get your money’s worth.
So, as you can see I love these jeans, why not save up for a pair and let me know what you think. Tweet or email me your thoughts you can find my details on my contact page. 

Lots of Love

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