Style Inspiration: Rachel Green

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hello everyone,
How are you all?
I seem to have done many beauty posts so I thought I should do a fashion post. I love fashion as much as I love make up.
I have many inspirations for fashion from walking around on the street, magazines, designs, fashion shows and celebrities. One persons style who I love is the fictional character of Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) from FRIENDS. I am a big lover of FRIENDS but who isn't. What is your favourite episode.

Rachel's style is very 90s which I love as I was born in the late 90s (I'm still a true 90s kid though). I love how Rachel's style is very simple but looks amazing. She has great looks with one statement item and mixes it with other great pieces of clothing that match. Rachel has been seen in amazing LBD's, miniskirts, dungarees, baggy jumpers, lots of denim and casual jeans which I love how simple her looks were but still looked brilliant and chic. As the 90's trends are making a comeback she is a great inspiration to take a look at the get some ideas to create your own outfits.
What is your favourite look of Rachel Green's? Or do you love Monica and Phoebe's fashion more?

lots of love

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