Mac Lipstick - Angel review

Sunday, February 23, 2014

So the other week I bought my first Mac lipstick and no one can understand how excited I was. I have been wanting a Mac lipstick for as long as I can remember and before spending the £15 in the Mac shop I did my research and found a shade that I would wear every day I had decided on cremecup but sadly this was out of stock so went for one very similar which was Angel and here I am today wearing, loving and reviewing it.

Angel is one of the many pink Mac lipsticks. The pink is quite subtle so will go with virtually everything which I think is good as it is now my go to everyday lipstick. The finish is a frost which I know some beauty bloggers don’t like but I actually surprisingly do as it lasts for about 4 hours and then I do my touch up.
The packaging is the classic Mac packaging which I adore as I find packaging really helps a product as if I know you should judge a book by its cover but if it doesn’t look nice on the outside I probably won’t be drawn to it as much.

As I said that I did originally want to get cremecup but angel and crememcup are very similar the only difference is that angel is a bit darker and has a more of a pink tone which I like more because it stands out. If you are looking for a dupe the Revlon pink pout lipstick which you can find here is very similar but what is even better is that it has a matte finish. I am thinking of getting pink pout again when my Mac lipstick finishes.
Overall, I think angel is a lovely everyday lipstick and will be perfect for summer.

Now you know mine what was your first Mac lipstick? What is your favourite Mac lipstick?

Lots of love

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