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Monday, February 17, 2014

how are you? It seems like I haven’t done a post in ages and this post really explains why but don’t worry I’m writing some as you read this to keep you all going for a while.
Today I thought rather than doing a beauty or fashion post why not write something that is very current in my life at the moment and that is revision (exciting I know). Some or most of you who are reading this probably don’t even need to revise anymore but I thought if someone googled ‘how to revise’ hopefully they would come across my tips. I am currently revising for my AS levels here are some of the things I do…

Colour and pictures
For me this is the key thing in my revision as when I re read everything it is important I don’t get bored and give up. To prevent myself from doing this I use lots of different coloured, pens and highlighters to make the key points stand out to me. Also, if I am finding it hard to remember something I will draw a picture that resembles that certain thing I normally do this for titles so when I see that picture on my piece of paper or cue card I know that the information goes with that title.

Mind Maps
I personally find mind maps very useful as they are easy to read over and quite fun and creative to do. Mind maps are a good way to revise as they combine all information on a certain topic on one piece of paper. I also include lots of colours and pictures in my mind maps so my information stands out and looks appealing to me and well it is more fun to use pretty gel pens. I also use lots of branches on my mind map so it spreads out nicely. Lastly, with my mind maps I stick them around my room so whenever I see it I read over the information.

Cue Cards
Cue cards are the things that work best for me personally. I love them because they are small which means you can take them anywhere and read over your notes. I make a set of cards for each topic for example for my law revision I have a stack of cards for one law topic which is parliamentary law making. It is a good idea to create a set of cards at the end of each topic so you gather all your information together and you will also know if you have anything missing. I normally just write the information I need on the card and highlight the key parts but you could also do questions on the front and answers on the back that way anyone can test you or you can test yourself.

With my notes from my lessons instead of completely ignoring them what I try to do (but sometimes don’t) is go back over them and highlight the key points so when it comes to revising or putting the information on a mind map or cue cards then I know exactly what to out. This is also good as it means you are consolidating and rehearsing your work which means it will go into your long term memory (bit of psychology there).

Thanks for reading; I hope you have found this post useful. What are or were your revision techniques?

Lots of love

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