What's in my bag?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hope you are having a lovely day. As you probably already know I love the what's in my bag posts whether it be in a blog or a YouTube video I just can't get enough of them and I know you love it too. I have previously done a what's in my school bag which you can read here but now I thought I should do the original what's in my bag. So lets take a look at my bag...

My bag is a tote bag from New Look which was £19.99 they don't have this exact one anymore but there is a very similar one on the website. I was drawn to this bag as soon as I saw it as I've been wanting a really nice medium sized bag for a while so I can fit everything that I carry around with me. 
The bag is very sturdy so wherever I'm going I know it is quite strong and it has an inside pocket like most bags which I find very useful as I normally keep my phone in there so I can grab it easily.
My purse is the most important thing in my bag along with my phone as where would I be without that. My purse is quite old now and I would really like a new one from somewhere like Zara as this is just a primark one but it was a bargain and has lots of compartments so does the job for now..
Firstly, we have my house keys as they are just as important as my purse because we'll we'd all like to be able to get back into our house or mum and dad's house in my case. I then have a body spray because everyone likes to smell nice don't they, then we have a packet of tissues from sainsburys which are very soft but in the winter I prefer the Kleenex ones because they have the balm which helps me when I'm struggling with a cold. I seem to have a Starbucks straw for some reason but you never know when you need a straw. Also, in my bag there is a empty packet of mints which is also useful and now I have just remembered i need to get some new ones and a tube map as with my sixth form we have been going to London a lot and I am quite proud of myself as I know how to get around the tube pretty well. Lastly, I have my portable charger because I am always paranoid that my phone will die and I have no way if contacting anyone which is unlikely but just to be safe I carry a charger with me, this charger was from Amazon and was around £5 which you can buy here.
This is my ted baker make up bag which I leave in my handbag as it holds my make up necessities. The make up bag was a Christmas present which I believe is from boots. The main pieces which are in my make up bag is a mirror to check I am looking acceptable thoughout the day, my lipstick of the day which today is my new well only mac lipstick (you can read my review here) which I now treasure and I also have a baby lips to hydrate my lips if they get dry. Also, I carry my trust stay matte powder if I touch up my make up which I actually don't do because I'm pretty lazy or completely forget, I have a nail file as I have found that my nails break in the most awkward places which then irritates me throughout the day so a nail file is always handy. Then there is a facial lotion if I get any dry patches, a pen, hair bobble and my memory stick which I have been looking for and now have finally found thank god. I also normally carry my perfume of the day with me which at the moment I have been loving my mum's Jo Malone but just dont tell her.

So there we have it that's my bag all empties out I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Whats in your bag? 

Lots of love

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