February Favourite: Blog of the Month

Sunday, March 09, 2014

So last month I didn't really have any stand out favourites as I had been using the products I normally do. I decided instead of completely leaving out my favourites I thought I would write a post on my favourite blog of the month which is 'Couture Girl' by Kayleigh Johnson. You can find Kayleigh's blog here and I strongly recommend you take a look at her blog because it is amazing and you can tell she has put a lot of time and effort into it. Before you take a look at Kayleigh's impressive blog read on and find out why I love it. 

Kayleigh is a 22 year old journalism graduate and is a part time blogger as I believe (from her twitter which you can find here) she has another job how does she do it all. I first discovered Kayleigh's blog around April 2013 when I was looking for some make up storage ideas which is when I found this post on how she stores all her lovely make up. I loved the post so much that I now store my make up in a similar way. Kayleigh now has over 10,000 followers on her blog which she truly deserves so congratulations Kayleigh 

I love Kayleigh's blog for many reasons which include her amazing photography skills. I think to attract people to come to your blog you have to make it look goo which Kayleigh has done perfectly with her stunning pictures. It is after looking through one of her 'blog help' posts that I have found how to sort my own pictures out so thank for that Kayleigh. You can see from the pictures below that Kayleigh takes her time with editing and taking her pictures which makes them look so flawless.

I find the layout of Kayleigh's blog really brings her personality out with the lovely pastel colours. Not only is the layout colourful but it makes her blog posts easy to read and her blog is easy to find your way around as everything has it's own space. 
As I have mentioned that Kayleigh's blog layout and pictures are great but so is her content. Kayleigh's content is one of the things that attracted me to following her blog because everything is so detailed which shows she truly cares about her readers and what she is writing. When I read Kayleigh's reviews I know I can trust her opinion which is what has inspired quite a few (or rather lots of my purchases). The most recent review I have loved is the 'better than bioderma? Garnier Micella water' (which you can take a look at here). I loved this review as it is honest, filled with detail and amazing pictures and this means it is next on my shopping list. As well as Kayleigh's detailed content she also posts often (which I am trying to do I promise) which is brilliant because I just don't know how she finds the time.
 Lastly, what I love most about Kayleigh is I feel that I know her (even though she doesn't have a clue who I am) as from her friendly tweets to life posts she has shared so much that it shows she is a lovely young lady as I am 16 I think she is a great role model which some famous people should take a few tips from her 

So to round up hopefully you now know why Kayleigh is my favourite blogger of the month (well every month) and now you should take a look at her posts. Congratulations, Kayleigh on a wonderful blog and good luck with whatever you  decide to do in the future. 

lot of love

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