Sunday, March 23, 2014

I hope you are enjoying your afternoon, how lovely is the weather. Somthing I do every Sunday is paint my nails so here is what I did this week...

Today's post is a NOTD (nails of the day) as I love seeing how people have done their nails. Today I thought I'd go for some simple nails as I am terrible at keeping a steady hand when attempting some pretty flowers. As i was in a bit of a rush I went for a Avon speed dry black (not very summery I know but it goes well with the gold) and a top coat of an gold glitter nail varnish by Orly which I go at the Clothes Show last year. Both of these nail polishes are really good as the Avon one does dry really fast and you only need to coats and the Orly nail polish has lots of glitter in and stops the nail polish underneath from chipping as I find some Barry M ones chip the nail varnish below.

P.S excuse the extra nail polish around my fingers i'll get it off I promise.

Whats on your nails today?

lots of love

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