Bournemouth Break

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Recently, I went on holiday to Bournemouth with my family as we normally go away over Easter. We left on Easter Sunday and came back on the Friday. Overall, the weather was pretty good there was only one day when it rained. We stayed just outside of Bournemouth itself in a holiday park which was really nice such as going to the beach (you can’t not do that) some shopping and visiting the quiet little towns. As we have been to Bournemouth a few times we know kind of how to get around so here are a few places we visited and if you are going where you could go.
Where to shop
Bournemouth town centre has a variety of high street stores so if you are looking to buy a new outfit or some make-up this is a great place to come to grab what you need in one go. All the shops are near each other so it doesn’t mean you have to walk far and Bournemouth beach is not a long walk at all from the shops which is fantastic as it means you can go to the beach and then do some retail therapy. Some of my favourite shops in Bournemouth include Superdrug as I find it is far better than the one in my hometown, Primark as it is really spread out but as usual very busy. I also love H&M, Office and Debenhams.
Christchurch and Lymington are both quiet little towns which you can visit if you are not looking to shop but may want to pick up a few little things. They both have well known high street stores such as New Look and Boots but they are really good to visit if you are looking for some small shops as I like to visit one in Christchurch which has lots of jewellery for sale. Also, in Lymington there is a store which sells lots of unique (expensive) homeware which I always think ‘I’d like that in my bedroom.’ The other day when I visited I saw some really nice vintage chests which I thought would be good to store my magazines in but the price tag of £125 didn’t agree. 
Markets many of the towns around Bournemouth have a market day which is great to grab a bargain. Christchurch and New Milton are the towns which I know that have quite big markets but I am sure there are more. But go early as it is very difficult to park otherwise (that’s from experience.)

Places to visit
Bournemouth gardens are situated not far from Bournemouth town centre and are really nice to walk round on a bright and sunny day. There is also a hot air balloon so if you are daring enough you could take a ride in that and see where it takes you. 
Highcliffe Castle is somewhere you could visit if you would like to learn about the history surrounding the Bournemouth area. It is free entry to the grounds and under 16s go free in the castle but adults have to pay £3.35 (I think) which I believe is quite reasonable. The grounds of the castle are really nice and look great in Spring and Summer. 
Oceanarium Bournemouth you could visit if it’s raining outside (typical English weather) and you would like something to do you could have a look and see all the different types fish. It gets very busy in school holidays as it is filled with children but it is very spacious. 
Bournemouth International Centre holds some really good concerts and shows so if you know when you would be in the Bournemouth or the area it would be a good idea if there is anything on that you would like to see. When I was there McBusted were playing but I didn't get tickets as I didn't realise they were there until the tickets were sold out.

So there are a few places you might like to see if you are ever in the Bournemouth area. 
love sonia

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