What's in my travel make-up bag?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hi, how was your Easter, I had a lovely week in Bournemouth a post to come on that shortly. I hope you indulged in many Easter eggs, I know I did I just can’t resist a packet of mini eggs. Seeing as I have been on a recent holiday I thought I would show you what I take in my make-up bag, as I know you all love a good nose into people’s make-up bags like me.

I had recently been looking for a good travel bag for a while as I had seen so many people with the ever so popular Cath Kidston but I couldn’t quite bring myself to spend the £28 despite how beautiful the floral pattern is. Instead, I did a few searches in Google to see what other make-up bags there are around which is when I found this folding one in Primark for only £4 which was a bargain I could not refuse. The make-up bag has a kind of blue and white nautical print with a bow on the front which was really sadly the only decent one then but I thought why not buy it as it does the job. There are three plastic compartments of different sizes, as they are plastic it means any make-up can be wiped up easily. The bag folds well when it isn’t full but if you are like me and see you won’t take much with you but then think ‘oh I might need that’ then the make-up bag will not close well as you can see from the picture above. I really like that the bag has a hanger attached to the top so it could be hung inside your wardrobe or on a door. Also, the middle compartment can be taken out which I find is very helpful because if you are going out in the day while on your travels it means you only have to take the middle section which has Velcro attached to it. However, I do fear that the Velcro won’t last long just like when you were little and had Velcro shoes they would eventually become un-sticky. 

Now, onto the contents of the bag. In the first compartment I keep my make-up accessories as it is the smallest compartment. I didn’t want to bring all my brushes with me so bought the main ones I use which are the Real Technique blush brush, setting brush and expert face brush. I also bought two Superdrug brushes one is a foundation brush which I use for concealer and the other is an eye shadow brush.  In that compartment there are also some Primark eyelash curlers which are surprisingly good I have also seen that Gabby from Velvet Gh0st (I love her YouTube channel find it here) uses them. I then have a sharpener, cotton buds, not very good tweezers which I plan on replacing them and some nail glue as I am currently wearing some Primark false nails. 
The second compartment is where I keep my skin care and other little things. As you can see I have some oval cotton pads covering all my travel sized products. I only really take travel sized product with me as there is not much point in taking up the space with massive products. So for skincare I brought with me the simple face wash which I use before I cleanse my face, I have my Garnier cleanser which is not in the bag as I was using it when taking the photo (oops) you can find a review here on that. I love the simple brand as I find their products work well for my skin so I have their toner and moisturiser as well. I am on the lookout for some other good cleansing products please let me know if you know any. Then the odd little bits I have are the Batiste dry shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste. 
The last compartment is probably  most filled out of all three but I tried to cut down on the make-up I bought with me as I knew I wanted to purchase some while away. For foundation I have the highly raved and recommended L’Oreal True Match and it definitely lives up to the big hype. Sticking to the topic of base I have the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, Natural Collection bronzer and Stay Matte powder in translucent. Onto, eyes I have bought with me the Maybelline the falsies mascara, newly rediscovered Miss Sporty eyeliner which I think was the first eyeliner I ever bought, Maybelline waterproof mascara and the  Natural Collection eye shadow duo in Mink and Sable and the Rimmel eyebrow pencil in dark brown. Lastly, for lips I have a Mac lipstick in Angel which I have reviewed here, baby lips in pink punch and a Natural Collection lipstick in Raspberry.
So, that is what is in my travel make-up bag, it normally changes depending on the time of year. 
What’s in yours?

Love Sonia

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