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Friday, May 30, 2014

So the other week Elf had a flash 50% sale and I already knew I wanted a few things (understatement) and then I saw that if I spent £20 I would get free shipping and well this happened. 

In my defence on my laptop the order didn't look that big and it's exam period so I was making myself feel better. Instead of giving a full detailed review of every product I'll just give a short one as we'd be here all night and I still have some (a lot) of revising to do. You can find all the products here on the Elf website.

Studio Stipple brush The studio stipple brush has to be my favourite of the brushes that I purchased. I chose this because I have been building up my make-up collection and have found that I don’t have a lot of brushes that I can use for products like blush. The brush is really soft and works really well with my blusher especially. However, I have found that when I have washed it some of the bristles have come out which I have never found with a brush before so I don’t think it will last longer than a year like some of my other brushes.

Blending Brush

I love this brush I think it blends my eyeshadow really well but I still would like to try the real technique eye brushes to compare. It also only cost £1.95 which is a great bargain.

Angled Brush
This brush is perfect for doing my eyebrows but I do find that the bristles aren't as soft as the blending brush but I think I prefer them a bit more sturdy.

Bronzing Brush
This is the brush I am most disappointed with as on the website it looked like it was brown but it actually has red bristles so I washed it straight away to see if any of the dye would come out but thank god it didn't. I do find it a bit scratchy but it does get into the hollows of my cheeks quite well so I will probably be keeping it to contour with for now.

Eyebrow kit - medium
I really like this the packaging is a matte black and really sleek. This is the first eyebrow kit I actually own as i normally just use pencil. The powder works well but I do think I need the darker shade but when I run some of the wax through my brows it blends quite well and holds my brows in place. I don't use the brush that came with the kit as I never really use them.

Contour kit - St LuciaThis is the only product from ELF that I actually looked at reviews and they were all pretty good so I knew I had to order this. The kit isn't as pigmented as I would like but then least I wouldn't have clown cheeks. Again, the packaging is very sleek and I love the matte black.

Eye widener - white eyeliner I have been looking at YouTube videos and have seen that white eyeliner looks really good and makes eyes look a lot bigger which is my I ordered this white eyeliner. It is not as pigmented as I would like and wears of pretty fast so it needs topping up regularly so I will have to work with it to see if I can get along with the eyeliner.

Waterproof eyeliner pen - coffee
I really wanted this in black but they didn't have black in stock but I knew I wanted it so I picked the colour as close to black as there was which is coffee. This is quite a dark brown, I never really wear eyeliner on my lid so I wanted to try it and see how it goes.  

Matte lip colour - coral
This is my favourite product that I bought. It is quite pigmented and the colour is lovely and perfect for summer as I think coral is a perfect summer colour. The only problem is that my lips have been quite chapped recently so it doesn't look that great on but once my lips heal I'm sure it will.

Lip liner - mauve Can you believe that I don't have a lip liner in my collection well one that I can wear with every lipstick. I have been trying to grow my  make- up collection so that is why I chose this and I really like it and prevents my lipstick from bleeding but I am not going to get Kylie Jenners lips with this- sadly.

Eye lash curlers and setting sprayThe final things I brought was some eyelash curlers which I love and they are much better than my Primark ones. The setting spray works well it does keep my make up feeling fresh and it has vitamins in the spray which i love as it means it is helping my skin.
Beauty book
You can probably see that I also bought the beauty book in the shade warm but I didn't want to open it as it is for my friends birthday. But it is a great buy as it has 48 shades which are perfect for everyday use and it is very compact. 

Finally, that is everything I ordered from ELF, what would you like to buy?

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