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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

      If you read my Love Clothing wishlist you will know that on Friday (6th June) I saw (well screamed and danced) One Direction at Wembley for their Where we are tour. It was one of the best nights of my life and I am so glad I got to go with my best friend. Read on to see what I liked most and what I wore.

The atmosphere in Wembley stadium was amazing seeing 80,000 people do the Mexican wave and the macarena was so lovely and it made me so happy. I was lucky enough to get standing tickets in the green section of the pitch so I had quite a good view especially when the boys came to the smaller stage. The concert started at 7pm with 5SOS who were also great and I am so happy that they sang she looks so perfect and heartbreak girl as they are my favourite of their songs. Then the 1D boys came on at 8:30 till just after 10pm. I loved every second of it (even when there were some very annoying fans but most were lovely) I think my favourite songs they sang were don't forget where you belong and better than words. I loved looking round the stadium and seeing everyone so happy and even parents and older boys as well as girls singing along as it just shows the wide range of fans One Direction have. It was amazing seeing all the lights while little things was playing. It makes me miss it so much as I'm writing this haha.
Now onto the outfit and a shamless selfie as I didn't get chance to take a outfit picture due to the excitement but everyone loves a selfie dont they?. 

Playsuit - Primark, Shoes (not shown) purple converse

Whats better than a selfie? A selfie with a dirty mirror lets blame the light shall we.
 I decided to wear a playsuit as I wanted something quite summery which was the right choice as it was a very sunny and hot day. I then just paired it with my converse so I was comfortable and I did wear a black cardigan as I knew it would get quite colder towards the end of the night.

Have you seen One Direction? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and if you haven't I'm sure there will be many tours to come.

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