Teen Vogue Handbook review

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Today is a different kind of post instead of reviewing a beauty product or showing you my latest fashion haul I decided I would review the new fashion related book that I have bought. I really like fashion and beauty types of books as I think they are great for picking up for some light reading and look lovely on a bookshelf or table.
I am a big fan of the Teen Vogue magazine and have been buying it whenever I get the chance for about 7 years now it would probably make sense to buy a subscription. I have seen a lot of fashion books that I have wanted which are based on how to create your own style etc but I have not seen or read many which were related specifically to careers in fashion. I have wanted to gather quite a few fashion and beauty books to have a look back on and I had read many reviews saying the ‘Teen vogue handbook’ is a great place to start. 

I love this book and it probably wasn’t a good idea to buy it when I was supposed to be revising as it was quite difficult to put down because when I start a book I want to finish it straight away. The book gives so much advice and tips to set you off in the fashion industry and what could work for you. It covers basically every section in the fashion industry as it gives explanations and stories from models to magazine editors. It even has an amazing interview with the Queen of magazine herself Anna Wintour I think I must have read that part at least four times now. I really like the different stories of their journey in the fashion industry like famous designer Marc Jacobs as I find them really inspiring. Each section of the book begins with a popular question that the industry experts are asked all the time and then they end with a tool kit of what an average person would need if they were say an intern or a stylist. Towards the end of the book there is also a list of different schools from around the world (mainly USA) that could be an option for people which I think is really helpful also there is a notes section in the back which is really good as you can write down the important parts you want to remember or find quickly and it would be good to write what you have learnt. The main thing I have took away from reading this is that should work harder than I thought I would need to, not give up and do what I want to do.

I can’t recommend this book enough if you want to know the truth about the industry and all the information is clear and easy to understand so it is perfect for a wide age range. I love how it has lots of pictures and not just text and also how the contents is divided into clear sections for different parts of the industry.

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