Book Review: The Craft - Lou Teasdale

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The Craft - Louise Teasdale - £9.99 Urban Outfitters

Hello, how are you? I recently did a book review on the Teen Vogue Handbook and mentioned that I would also do one on this book. So read on to see what I think. 

I have been wanting this every since I heard that One Direction famous hair and make-up artist was bringing out a book. The main reason I wanted it was to see how Lou Teasdale got to where she is today as I enjoy hearing different peoples stories. As much as I love beauty I'm not interested in being a Make up artist but I did want some quick and easy tutorials. The book I think is really creative and really resembles her tumblr dashboard (which should follow here and a quick plug for me mine is here) it is also similar to a company magazine issue so it is a mix between the two.
The book is a beuaty and hair book with very quick, easy and unique tutorial some I don't think I would try but I love the tips and tricks that are given such as the lipstick for eyeliner. Lou talks about a range of products from high street to high end which is really good as their are products to suit everyone. I think the book is very good for beginners in make-up and will suit them better as there are easy tips for things like contouring. It would be amazing if Lou did a second book where she could talking about more technical things that Make up artists would need to know. It is very different from other beauty books so it stands out. Overall, this is a great book especially for beginners, it would look bold on a coffee table and if you aren't daring enough to do some of the looks (like moi) then you can read them instead. It is also very affordable as I bought mine from Amazon for £6.89 here (WH Smith sell it for the same price too online) and Urban Outfitters for £9.99.

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