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Sunday, July 27, 2014

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 A while ago, I saw a girl on twitter called Emily Calder saying how she had braces and is excited to get them off so I replied to her asking if she would like to read about my experience with braces. Sadly, I don't have any before or after pictures which would have been useful but I am sure there are many floating around the internet.
A lot of people I would say in the UK absolutely hate getting braces and I was certainly one of them. The thought of them scared me and what would people think also scared me. But not one person commented on my braces so there is nothing to worry about. Everyone wants perfect teeth some people are very lucky to have them but then others have to go through the treatment of braces. Statistics show that one in three people need orthodontic treatment so you are definitely not alone.

I'll begin with my experience. When I was 13 I went to my orthodontist after receiving the dreaded letter saying that I am ready to get my braces. I had my x-rays took, we spoke through the treatment and then I had the moulds taken which were disgusting. Two of the moulds were very sticky and felt like they would yank all my teeth out but I survived. I began with a removable brace which was used to correct my bite and push my front teeth back as they were more forward. Now, this took me 2 years because I only ever wore them at night as I hated these so much because they make you talk funny and were quite irritating to begin with. I really do regret not wearing them full time as it would have only took me a year too move onto fixed braces. The two years were up and I finally got my fixed braces (train tracks) which I was surprisingly more happy with. The process of having them glued to you teeth is fine and you can't feel a thing. However, the next day your teeth will kill and will be pain you have never experience but just take some paracetamol and you will be fine I promise. This pain will return every time you get them tightened but it will get better each time. I only had fixed braces for a year when it was meant to be two which was great as it meant I could have them off for prom (so I thought but my dentist wasn't feeling that kind). Once, I had the fixed braces taken off it was time for retainers which are basically clear plastic appliances which are shaped to your teeth. These prevent your teeth from moving back to your normal position. I was lucky and my teeth did not want to move back which meant for a month I only had to wear them full time and then just every night. My dentist then cut it down to once a week which meant I kept forgetting to put them in again I regret this. My teeth haven't moved back but it means when I put them in now to make sure my teeth won't go back they kill and I can't stand the pain, but this summer I am going to make sure I wear them every night starting from today.

Now onto my advice:-
  • Stick with it you will have perfect teeth in the end
  • Do as your dentist tells you
  • Don't listen to what anyone says to you
  • Wear your removable brace 24/7
  • Wear your retainers properly 
  • Look after your braces, you won't or your parents will not want to pay to get them fixed
  • Keep them clean

I hope this post was useful and you learn from my mistakes. 
Have you got braces? How are you finding your treatment?

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