DIY: Ripped Jeans

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Hello, a different kind of post today which I have never done before but have always wanted to and that is a 'do it yourself.' Ripped/distressed jeans have been a very popular trend recently but instead of paying more for some jeans with less fabric I decided to create my own. If you'd like to do it too keep reading.

  What you will need:-
A pair of old or new jeans - I used some that I already have and never worn in case I went wrong.
Pencil - to mark where you want to cut
Scissors - fabric would be great but normal ones can do the job as well
Tweezers - to fray the slits

How to rip jeans:-

Firstly, try the pair of jeans on and then pencil where you would like the slits.
Next, take the jeans off and cut a small slip in the middle of the pencil mark.
Now, you will want to cut the whole line doing it carefully but it doesn't need to be perfect as you want them to look distressed.
I then grabbed my tweezers and lightly tugged at the slits to pick out the threads.
I chose not to do too many slits as I wanted to see how these looked but I think next time I would do some more further apart.
Lastly, I tried them on to see how they looked and really liked them. 

I hope you liked this short tutorial, are you going to try it?

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