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Friday, July 25, 2014

  Last Wednesday my school held a fashion show where I became a stylist for the night which i loved as I got to choose accessories, organised my section and do hair and make up. As you can see from the picture above and the title of this post my section contained Tie dye t-shirts and the theme was festival. I love tie dye as I think it stands out well and can be used on really any garment. Now after that long intro I'll teach you how to make your own tie dye t-shirt.
What you will need:-
A plain white tshirt in your size
A selection of dyes I used dylon which you can find here
Elastic Bands
Latex gloves - it's very messy
Tip - Wear old clothes

What to do:-
  1. Firstly, you will want to lay your t shirt out and think about what pattern you want to create.
  2. To create the above I twisted the t-shirt by placing my thumb and index finger in the middle and then moving it in a clockwise direction. There are many ways to create a pattern just experiment by folding the shirt in different ways. Here is a good website which shows you.
  3. Then you will need to tie an elastic band on the t shirts which can be done anywhere you like depending on which pattern you are creating but make sure they are tight as you don't want the fabric to be fully dyed.
  4. This is when you will need to put your gloves on. Follow the instructions on the back of the dye packet to mix the dye.
  5. Now you will dye your t-shirt which can be done by putting the fabric into the bowl of your chosen dye or placing it on make sure there is a lot of dye on their so it is vibrant. 
  6. You will now need to rinse the t-shirt with cold water to take out any excess dye.
  7. Leave the t-shirt in a safe place it would be a good idea to putting a plastic bag down so you don't damage your surfaces.
  8. The t-shirt can take a while to dry normally between 3 and 24 hours (I did tell you it was a long time).
  9. Once it is dry you can take the elastic bands off and then you will need to iron it to keep the dye on the t-shirt.
  10. Now you should have a tie dye t-shirt which you can wear.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, I will upload some more pictures of the steps soon. I did create a handout for my fashion unit which I am able to email if you would like it. I would love it if you do follow this tutorial to show me your t-shirts when they are finished so you can tweet me @casualyetchic.

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