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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I have been wanting to do this post as soon as I started this blog and now I have finally got round to it. I think I love skincare more than actual beauty products but not as much as clothes sadly. I hope this post helps you to develop your skin routine or you learn where to start. 

 Garnier Micellar water - review here - buy here
I begin taking my make- up off with this micellar water as it is really fast and easy to use. I squirt a little bit onto a cotton pad and remove all my face make-up and then I do the same to remove my eye make-up. I won't talk about this too much as I have already reviewed this product so you can see my thoughts on it there (link above). Before, I bought this I used to use the Simple facial wash as it was really hydrating (here) so if I don't have any of the micellar water then I will use that. I am also thinking of trying the Bodyshop chamomile cleansing oil as I have heard so many good reviews about it.

No7 Gentle cleanser - review here - buy here
After, I have used my micellar water I will use a cleanser which the one I am using right now is the No7 soft and sooth gentle cleanser. I really like this cleanser as it gets rid  of the left over make-up which is left on my face. It is gentle on the skin and it is very creamy. For a more in depth review you can use the link above. A cheaper option of a cleanser which I also love is which is the Garnier cleansing lotion (review here).

Simple Soothing facial toner - buy here
After I have fully cleansed I will then use a toner. This is the toner which I will always come back to as I just love it, it is light on the skin and refreshes you. I love simple products because they are so gentle and I just love using them. You also get so much product for your money so it will last you a really long time as well. Toners are really good product to have in your skincare routine as they tighten pores and gets rid of excess cleanser.

Simple eye cream - buy here
Of course another simple product. This isn't actually called a eye cream but an eye balm. I really like this and I have seen a difference with my dark circles. This is a great product as it when your eyes are tired it really picks them up.

 Night cream - Asda - no link
The final product is this extremely cheap night cream from Asda and it is amazing. It is quite thick and really moisturises my skin. When I wake up I can really see a difference as my skin feels soft and refreshed. The cream does a scent to it but I can't quite work out what it is.

Now, of course I don't do this every night but I do at least 5/6 times a week. The only thing I would like to add to this routine is a serum as I think that is what I am missing, so if any of you would like to recommend one feel free.
Hope you enjoyed this post, what is your skincare routine like?

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