Summer Staples

Sunday, July 06, 2014

      A while ago I uploaded a wardrobe staples post ( read here) which then gave me the idea to do a summer version. I have been waiting ages to upload this as I wanted to put it up when we had finally had some really nice weather (if I had a £1 for every time someone from the UK complained about the weather I'd be rich). These are just some basic summer items that I think will be useful to have in your wardrobe. 

Last summer it was all about the cami's they were everywhere you turned. This year it will probably be the exact same. I love cami's I think they are perfect for summer because they are so lightweight and simple. They are perfect for casual days with some denim shorts or can be dressed up with a bodycon skirt and statement necklace. The cami's from Topshop are probably my favourite as you can get two for £10 and they are great quality.

Denim shorts 
Speaking of denim shorts that are the biggest summer staple ever. They will never go out of fashion and you can find them anywhere for lots of different prices so there will be something that suits your budget. You can wear denim shorts with anything from a baggy t-shirt to over bikini bottoms. You will get so much wear out of them in the summer so they will be worth the money. I know i'll be stocking up on some.

This playsuit was featured in my one direction concert OOTD so you can see it on there. Playsuits are a really simple thing to wear in summer as they can just be thrown on and it will look like you have made an effort. The effort however comes when you need to go toilet (TMI?) that is a task. I love patterned playsuits but plain ones look just as good, I think i need to invest in a plain black one as even though it's not very summery I can wear it with so many other pieces.

You know it's summer when you see someone walking down the street in some sandals. I don't have any sandals that I love which is why I created this collage of my top three from the New Look website. There are so many different types of sandals such as flat, wedge and heeled so you can always find a pair that will work with your outfit. I think tan brown sandals are my favourite just because they look so nice and are more subtle than black.

Nobody likes to be blinded by the sun so a good pair of sunglasses are needed. These are some old sunglasses that I liked as they are pretty simple and I love the mint green details on the aviator type ones. It is important to wear sunglasses so your eyes are not damaged and everyone feels a bit like a celebrity when they wear them or is that just me.

So there are a few bits and pieces that I think would be good to have in your summer wardrobe, that is obviously not everything but it is a good place to start. What are your favourite summer pieces?

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