Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another favourites post, I don't really have many favourites this month as I kept forgetting to note them down. So I have included beauty and non beauty into this favourites post, enjoy :)

 I'll start with beauty shall I. Well, my first favourite is the Rimmel wake me up concealer. I don't think I have included this in a favourites before which really I should have. I really like this concealer as it blends really nicely and it adds a nice glow under eyes. I have just remembered that I've done a full review of this concealer so you can read that here to see my full thoughts. The MUA undressed pallette is a product that I reviewed a very long time ago and I am still loving it ever since. I recently repurchased it as my favourite shades had hit pan and it was a little battered. I have become to love more of the shades now like the shimmery gold one as it blends really well with the matte brown. My favourite shade has to be the darker matter brown as it is really good for the crease and a all over base. The next product is one that I have been wearing probably everyday this month and it is the Bourjois healthy mix foundation. This foundation my sister actually recommended to me as she loves it and was buying it again at the time. This gives a lovely healthy (it's in the name really) glowy finish and is really perfect for dry skin as it brightens your  face and looks nice and dewy. For the price I would definitely recommend this. My final item well it's more skincare but same thing is the Nivea micellar water I picked this up in Wilkinson's because my Garnier one was running out and this was on offer. This is a 3 in 1 water as it says it cleansers, remove make up and moisturisers. I find that it does slightly moisturise my skin as it leaves my skin feeling a lot softer than my Garnier one and a lot less drying. 
 My last two random favourites are the phone case which is from Sighh designs. I have been wanting one of Polly's phone case's since she first started posting pictures of them on instagram as I love how individual they are. The one I bought was £14 like all the others and it is made so well I was really actually surprised. I love the little quote on it as it really suits Polly's personality. I have a post coming soon on my love for sighh designs. Now my final favourite is the Sacconejoly's I have been subscribed to their channel for quite a while but could never keep up with their videos but now I have been watching them every single day and love them. Emelia is the cutest child ever and I love how she just repeats everything. I have seen them get a lot of negative comments on their videos a lot towards Anna which I can't understand why as they are all so lovely and are doing such a good job at being parents and managing their busy life.
What were your favourites this month?
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