Wednesday, August 27, 2014

 Many of us including myself will be sadly be going back to school soon so I have put together a few essential items that I think will be useful for you to carry in your school bag whether you are going to school, college or university.

 It's probably best to start with stationary seeing as it is a school we will be going to and not a fashion but the way I plan my outfits to sixth form you would probably think it was. But anyway, from the look of this picture I really need to stock up on some stationary. I have my eye on a diary in paperchase (here) as it's really cute and has space for me to write my timetable and homework down. I think it is a good idea to get a diary as it means you will stay organised so things won't get on top of you. Notebooks are another essential of mine as in sixth form last year I got through quite a lot some how, the one in the first picture I think was from Asda and is really useful because it has dividers so I can use one notebook and easily split my subjects into it. Then you of course have the usual pens, pencils, rubbers (how cute is mine its a little elephant), ruler (need to buy), highlighters I now love as they are so useful when picking out key information. I don't think it really counts as stationary but a USB stick is a good thing to keep in your pencil case as it will hopefully stop you from losing it. I literally back everything up as I'm so afraid I'll lose it which is why my memory stick is always around, I even have a separate one for pictures and a hard drive, obsessed.

So that's the basic stationary essentials now onto some beauty and random bits.

 Now onto the things that we really want to take in our school bag. I'll start with hair so a hairbrush and hair bobble are needed as if you hair gets a bit knotty or you are just desperate to shove it into a pineapple you will need these. I like the small one I have as it's much easier to carry, lighter and takes up less room in my bag. Mine also has a mirror in it but you can't see much so that's why I take a separate mirror which has a lot more face room and it also magnifies on one side which is the side I avoid. If you feel a bit sweaty after P.E then you will need a deodorant or body spray, I have repurchased the Ted Baker one as it smells really fresh if I don't have that then I would just take an impulse. Another essential which you might need after P.E is a powder if your skin gets a bit oily you can just dab a little bit of this one with a sponge or brush. I like to take with me Rimmel Stay Matte as it is my go to powder and is extremely affordable. I also carry with me a lip balm and a nude lipstick as my lips can get a bit dry and my lipstick will normally wear off and a nude is perfect for school especially a matte one like this ELF one, I still forget to apply it though. My final two essentials are a packet of tissues and a hand sanitiser as schools can be quite a germy place and you never know what you'll find under the desk.

Are you excited or dreading going back to school?

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