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Sunday, August 03, 2014

July is always a busy month for me as it is my birthday and also my sisters 2 weeks later, so there is a lot going on. I haven't tried many new products last month so I thought I wouldn't have that many favourites but I have found a few things that I have loved this past month.

Lip products are the things that I change most in my make up collection as I feel most comfortable changing them up. Both of these were presents for my birthday so my friends did pretty well choosing these seeing as they are now in my monthly favourites.
Topshop Lipstick  - Brighton Rock - £8
I love this lipstick. I think the bright pink shade is perfect for summer and really stands out. It is a matte finish so it does last for quite a long time before you need to touch up, I wore this when I spent the day in London and I only touched up once which was outside Buckingham Palace of all the place but it needed to be done. I think a matte finish is what you need in the summer because if you get a bit sweaty and flustered your lipstick will still be staying put. I will definitely be repurchasing this lipstick and probably a lot more from the range as they are great for the price and the amount of shades there are is amazing.

Revlon Colourburst matte balm - Elusive - £7.99
Yes - I'm a little late with this product but better late than never. I have been wanting one of these matte balms since they were first released and I finally got one thanks to Kirti advising a friend of what to get me. I really do understand why there is such a big hype around these balms.

 If you read my review of this mascara (if you haven't here it is) you will know that this is one of my favourite mascaras. It makes your lashes appears so much longer and more voluminous than I've ever seen before. I ever think that my lashes have more volume than my hair with this on. Bourjois have really put a lot of effort in when creating this product as for me it ticks all the right boxes. This mascara is not clumpy at all and lasts all day so if you buy one product this month I highly recommend that you should pick up this mascara.

I'll admit I am terrible at moisturising, I think it is the worst possible thing to do, yes I do want soft and smooth skin but I don't want to be standing there for about 10 minutes after I've got out of the bath feeling very sticky. So that's where this lotion came in, I wanted a cheap but cheerful body lotion that would keep my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. This does exactly that so thanks Garnier. It does claim that it lasts for 7 days but I don't think it does but my skin does feel soft for a maximum of 3-4/ days. This is a great body lotion to get if you hate moisturising like me as it dries fast and smells really nice as it has shea butter in it.

Sea Salt spray was a big thing last summer and well it still is this summer. I have been looking for one that adds some texture to my hair when it is feeling a but dry and lifeless. So, I picked up this from boots (well my sister did but same thing), I have been using this on about 2 day hair to give my hair a bit of a boost. I would normally use dry shampoo but I have been choosing this over it. Being as this spray is matt it adds a lot of texture to the hair so you don't need to spray a lot. As my hair is naturally straight it doesn't give me 'beachy waves' sadly but when I plait my hair and then spray this into it over night it does become slightly wavy. I have been using this at least twice a week throughout the month and I don't think I have used half f the bottle yet so you do get a lot for your money.

It is thank to my mum that I love this conditioner because she picked it up as she saw it had argan oil in it. I prefer the conditioner to the shampoo because it makes my hair feel a lot softer and sleeker. Due to the argan and camellia oils it also make my hair a lot more shiner which is exactly what I want for the summer. It is made for dry and dull hair which mine I don't think really is but it still is a great conditioner and I can't wait to try more from the range.

Another monthly favourites done, what have been your favourites this month?

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