July non beauty favourites

Saturday, August 09, 2014

I don't think I have ever done a non beauty favourites post n my blog so I thought it was about time I did. So here are a few non beauty favourites that I have been loving in July and the beginning of August.

The Fault in Our Stars 
I bought this book in June and only read 6 chapters of it not because I didn't like it, I thought the book was great it was just because I had a lot of other things to do before I could sit down and read a book. I still haven't finished the book but I did go and see the film as it was the last showing at where I live. This has got to be one of the best films I have watched, it is amazing and when it comes out on DVD you have to watch it. I managed not to cry which I am quite proud of haha. Even though I know what happens I still can't wait to finish the book when I go on holiday.

Stiletto nails 
Lately, I have been obsessed with looking at stiletto nails on Instagram and I already follow the American salon that is shown in the picture above. If you love pretty nails like me then I highly recommend that you have a look on there as they are lovely. It makes me very excited to get my nails done soon.

Happy Little Pill
Troye Sivan one of my favourite youtubers has recently released his single 'Happy Little Pill' and it is amazing I can't stop listening to it. If you have't heard it make sure you go and give it a listen and you will fall in love with it. You can listen to it here and make sure you pre order his album too here.

Favourite Youtuber & blogger: Velvetgh0st - Gabby
I have been following Gabby since she first started Youtube and I am so pleased that she just hit 250K. She has been doing so well with her videos lately they are so funny and I can't wait to watch them when she uploads. She has also got back into blogging which I am so pleased about as she is great at both. I am so excited for her to do her apartment tour. Make sure you follow here blog (here) and subscribe to her YouTube (here) as she is amazing.

What have been your favourites this month?

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