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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

It feels like I haven't done a haul in ages, it's not because I haven't been buying anything my bank balance will definitely tell you that I have, I must have just completely forgot that haul posts exist and they are my favourite to read and write as well. Anyway, on the 25th of July I took my sister and her friend to London for her birthday which led to a few purchases.

Mac studio fix fluid - £21.50 - here

When I went to Birmingham in Selfridges I picked up a tester of the studio fix fluid in NC20 and I loved it. I have to admit the smell of wet paint was hard to deal with at first but I did get used to it. So I knew I had to pick it up when I was in London seeing as it was my birthday not that long ago I thought I should treat myself. This is my first high end foundation and I am really happy with it, so there will be a review sometime soon, keep your eyes peeled. I think everyone goes to mac for their first high end products. I did also buy a pump which I do find annoying as it's extra money when they could just add a pump, there needs to be some sort of law that every foundation should come with a pump.
Victoria Secret-  pink  range - body mists - £15 each - here

 I think every girl wants to buy something from Victoria Secret and lucky for me they had a sale on their body mists. I really like the pink range from Victoria Secret as for me it is that bit more affordable. Anyway, onto the sprays, I picked up two because they had an offer on their sprays and body care which was 2 for £18. I thought this was a really good offer as normally the sprays are £15 so it meant I go them for £9 each which is much better. The purple spray is my favourite but they all smell amazing. 'Sweet an flirty' is a very sweet smell and it smells of berry's whereas 'warm and cosy' is more subtle and smells of vanilla, it reminds of the winter really so maybe this will be my go to winter scent. I do recommend that you pick these up while the offer is on as you save a lot of money and do get a lot of product for it.
Topshop magic liner - engraved - £6.50 - here

This eyeliner has been on my wishlist for quite a while now so I finally picked it up. I have read many reviews on how easy this is to use so I cant wait to try it as I am pretty rubbish at eyeliner. I picked it up in the black shade which is called engraved, they have two other shades I believe.
Topshop scallop frill tee - £16.00 - here

Also, from Topshop I bought this plain black scallop t shirt as I needed a new plain t shirt. I really liked this one because it had the scallop edge which gave it that something extra. This is a really versatile piece as it can be worn with anything. It will be also great just to throw on for sixth form. I know I should stop buying black but I love it, there are some other colours available for this t-shirt so I might pick those up as well.
H&M black cardigan - £14.99 - not on website :(

The final thing I purchased was this plain black cardigan a I already have one but I wanted a longer one. This was actually a necessity to buy as apparently showing your shoulders in sixth form is now illegal bye bye cami's. I knew H&M do a good range of basics so I obviously went there and found this. It's not the softest cardigan in the world but it does the job and is great for the price.

So that's everything, have you bought anything recently?
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