Style Inspiration: Danielle Bernstein

Friday, August 15, 2014

All images from Danielle's blog or pinterest

 As a girl we all have people that we look for style and outfit inspiration and I have a lot. Danielle Bernstein from we wore what being one of them. So I thought why not do a different kind of post where I talk about my 'fashion inspirations,' I previously did a 'girl crush' post on Eleanor Calder which was not very good, but now I have got a little bit better at blogging hopefully this post will be an improvement from that. 

Danielle Bernstein is a fashion blogger ( with a well deserved following of over 11,500 people. She started her blog in 2011 where she posted a few daily outfits and outfits of people that she like on the street. I first came across her blog in I think it was probably 2012 through someone posting a picture of her latest outfits on tumblr. Danielle I believe currently studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology and at only 22 she has become very successful.
She is one of my style inspirations because she can create very simple outfits but add pieces to them which make them stand out and very individual. I also love how she can make a pair of Topshop jeans look like they come from a big famous designer. Her style is quite simple but classic and chic at the same time. Above are some of my favourite outfits which she has put together with some designer and high street pieces so they can be recreated quite easily. When she does include designer pieces she does include where you can find similar pieces that are more affordable so she caters for every budget. She knows that getting dressed in a morning can be difficult with us which is why she started her blog so she can give us some ideas. On her blog she also shows wishlists and what she will take with her to certain places like festivals which is really helpful to us. I know she will be forever one of my style icons as I love her simple 

What do you think of Danielle's style? Who is your style icon or do you have loads like me?

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