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Friday, August 29, 2014

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As it was my blog anniversary yesterday i knew I wanted to do some sort of tag as to why I love blogging, so I was searching my favourite blogs and found that Kayleigh from Couture Girl created the blogging love tag. For this tag you just need to give 5 reason why you love blogging, a blogging aim, a tip and name a blogger who has inspired you.
Lets begin shall we...

Independence I am quite an independent person and I like to do things myself. I love how blogging has let me do my own thing and no one can tell me what to write or when, it's my own part of the internet where I can do what I want (legally of course).  

Socialising I love how I can log onto twitter and just interact with other bloggers all because we share the same love for what we are doing and talking about. I think talking to other bloggers is better than talking to some of the people in my sixth form because they are far nicer and don't look down at you at all. 

Love I am doing something that I truly love talking about make-up and fashion without anyone getting tired of listening to me and telling me to be quiet. I have always loved clothes and make-up and I probably always will and least I can talk about it all day long on here. 

Learning every time I wrote a post I am learning something knew which I love it might be something stupid like a new word or how to edit a picture differently but I am still learning. I love the feeling when I press publish because I know that I have created hopefully a good post. As a wannabe journalist I think this will be helpful as I know I can build my own audience. 

Opportunities I love that blogger are now beginning to get the recognition that they deserve and how so many amazing things can come out from blogging such as Zoella I mean look how far she has came and I can only hope I could do something like that. For me blogging has gave me the opportunity to kind of make my own portfolio as this is all my work which I can then write about it my personal statement.

Blogging Tip my blogging tip actually is the same as Kayleigh's and that would be to interact with your readers and other bloggers as this will really help you to develop your blog and it shows you have good communication skills which we all need in a job. You can interact with people my simply just commenting on a blog post or joining in with the blogger chats. 

Blogging aim my blogging aim isn't to get loads of followers it's a  pretty boring one actually and it's just to carry on doing this forever. Well I hope, I could be an old granny sitting in my rocking chair and still blogging away, I wouldn't mind it really. 

Blogger who has inspired me I have so many bloggers that inspire me so I will list a few as they have all been a part of me starting my own blog. I think the main four that have inspired me though out of the millions (slight exaggeration) I follow would be Zoe, Kayleigh, Lily Melrose and Danielle Bernstein as they are all very different people and have different styles of blogging which I love.

I hope you liked this little tag and I think you should all do it, if you do make sure you come back to this post and leave a link as I would love the read why you love blogging.

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