7 Things I hate about jeans

Sunday, September 14, 2014

 Despite the title of this post I actually love jeans but there are a few things that annoy me about them.
1. They go baggy at the knees - this is one of the main things that I despise about jeans. If i sit down they suddenly no longer fit the same at my knees.
2. Fade quickly - there needs to be jeans invented that never fade I mean it is 2014 why hasn't that happened yet. It would save me a lot of money maybe the shops won't be happy but I would be.
3. They don't fit all the time - this is a bit of a weird I'm not sure if it's just my body but someday's my jeans will fit me but then others they won't.
4. They lose shape all the time - this is quite similar to the point before as if I wear the same jeans a few times in a week then they will lose shape really easily.Which leads me onto my next pet hate nicely...
5. Having to wash them everyday to get them back to the original shape and fit - this is the only way I find that gets them back to slightly normal but then it means they fade quickly, do you understand my dilemmas.
6. No pockets - yes Joni jeans I am thinking of you as much as I love them I need front pockets
7. Having to use all my strength to pull them on - I may be quite slim but I still have to try very hard to get into them and nearly kill myself why doing that.

Do you find any of these things about jeans annoying? 
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