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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

 Now I am in no way a brilliant blogger as I have only been doing it for a year (seems forever) but I am pretty good (if i do say so myself) at being organised. I love reading other peoples blogging tips and advice posts so I thought I would write one myself.
Blogging can sometimes get quite hard to manage with lots of us having to juggle school, work and our social lives at the same time. When I have read these posts in the past I have seen a lot of people saying that posting regularly is the main thing but sometimes it is hard to keep to that. There is no blogging law on how many times you need to post personally for me I like to post twice a week on a Wednesday and Sunday and if I have extra time or more ideas then I will put a post up on a Friday. 
So here are a few of my tips:-
Notes, notes, notes
Did you get the hint? I take a lot of notes whether that be on my phone or in my blogging book. And yes it is a One Direction notebook. I use my main notebook (the 1D one) to write down ideas for posts, and short notes of the type of things that I would like to include in the post. As you can see in the picture above I have write some notes on the pigmentation, price and packaging. I then have a smaller list notebook which I knew I just had to get from sighhdesigns when Polly came out with these as it is really small so doesn't take her much room and I can write down lists of what posts I need to write, photos to take and even tweets that need scheduling. I also write a lot of notes on my phone in the notes section as it's so handy. Every month I write what products I am loving and then if I get any ideas for posts when I don't have my notebook I will write them in there too.
Take your photo's and edit in bulk
I like to take my photos all in bulk as I know then I have to ready for the next few weeks. I normally plan ahead with my posts so I will probably have the idea ready for at least 2 weeks sometimes even a month. So what I will do at the beginning of the month on a Sunday usually I will take all my photo's. I then also edit in bulk as if I've took them all and they are ready I will load them to my laptop and sit and edit that way I will know that when I comes to writing the post I have them ready. 
I have a timetable for my blog posts which is on excel I just downloaded in a calender from the internet and just use that. As it has dates (like every calender duh) I know when I want each post up. Sometimes I will print a month and stick it in my notebook so it is ready for me to go back to when writing notes. I also colour code the timetable which I find useful as you know what you need to write. Mine is like traffic lights as red is needs writing, yellow is ready to go up/ scheduled and green is published.
I literally schedule everything. I just feel safer knowing that I have everything ready for my posts and tweets ready as I then I know I won't forget to do them. I usually have my posts scheduled probably two/three weeks (i know how eager that sounds haha) before so that I am not pressuring or rushing myself to write them. I will then schedule one tweet for when the post goes live which is good as if I am out at the time then least I know you will all know that my post is up. Quick plug if you don't follow me on twitter then you should @casualyetchic 
Free time
Make your most of free time as you never know what will happen you might get a load of homework or staying late at work. So whenever you get a chance you could be writing a post or writing notes so then they are ready to be referred back to. You could even do this if you have a free lesson at school (don't tell your teachers) or even if you are in the car or on public transport. 
Did you find this post helpful? How do you stay organised?
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