Friday, September 26, 2014

This month led to there being a big hole in the magazine stands...

 On the 5th September a reminder popped up on my phone informing me that the last issue of company magazine came out today. Company magazine has been my favourite magazine for years and still is even if it won't be printed anymore and will just be online (technology, hey). I had dreamed and still do ( I have read their careers page at least 50 times) of working for the company team after reading tons of their quirky fashion and beauty issues. I love company as it is so different from any other magazine. It's layout is very imaginative with stuff going on all over the place, they have amazing cover stars, amazing content I particularly like their high street edit as they include so many lovely clothes with really good prices. The last issue was the October 2014 with the very fashionable Sarah Hyland on the cover, she was interviewed by Victoria White (editor in chief) and they charred about London, shopping and boys.
As a big fan of the magazine I am will be missing seeing it on the magazine stand in Tesco but I'm sure I will be buying a subscription for my Ipad.
Are you sad that company mag is no longer printed?
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