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Sunday, September 28, 2014

sorry about the pictures my phone has a matte screen protector so it is difficult to photograph :(

Technology and social media this year really took over fashion week. Sadly, as much as I would like to go to LFW I was not able to, I’m sure one day I will hopefully be asked. However, due to the rise of social media I was still able to keep up to date and in the know of all the front row gossip and catwalk shows
This leads me on nicely to today’s post which is all about how technology has changed the fashion industry with words like selfie and blogger they have all had a huge impact and even made it onto some clothes.

Social networking sites
This one’s pretty obvious really as we can all see how much impact twitter, facebook, Instagram, pinterest, tumblr etc. have on the fashion industry. The amount of RT’s or likes Topshop or YSL can get just because they are a popular brand is amazing. Social networking sites are also great to keep up with trends, what’s new and what celebrities and other style icons are wearing. I love Instagram during fashion week as it’s great to see what’s happening backstage, who is front row and it is easy to look at the latest trends.

Phones, laptops, tablets, watches
It has become so much easier to use technology now that we have smartphones, tablets like Ipads and now even watches which we can wear and keep up to date with all things fashion.

Bloggers & Youtubers 
In the last few years bloggers and youtubers have really started to get noticed and the praise that they deserve which I am really pleased about. Bloggers and youtubers especially fashion bloggers have made a big impact on fashion lately as they are able to attend big events such as London fashion week and sit front row and their opinions of the show or just as valuable as a journalist or celebrities. Also, they are being sent clothes and press released which shows brands don’t just want celebrities to be seen wearing their clothes but also normal people on the streets.

Style apps
Finally, one of my favourite pieces of technology that has had an impact on fashion is the Style Thief app. The app allow me and you to take a picture of an outfit that you love from someone you see in your town, on Instagram or anywhere, and then shop from the picture! The picture above is from  style thief which uses image recognition software from UK company, Cortexica. This app lets you take a picture of an item you would like to buy and then find the exact or a similar item. I used a playsuit from the Topshop Unique show (which I wrote a post about here) which I loved however I was unable to find an exact match but I did find a similar dress. This app is a great idea because if you are out and about and see something you like but can’t afford then you are able to find a similar item which might be cheaper. There are a few improvements which I think could be made such as having some more garment choice but other than that the app is great and you should try it out.

Disclaimer – I was contacted by Cortexica to write about the impact technology has so because I thought it was a really good idea and relevant right now so I did. Of course all these opinions are my own and I will only write posts if I feel they are suitable. 
Will you be downloading this app?
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