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Sunday, September 07, 2014

 Sighh designs ( has been a shop that I have been wanting to buy from for quite a while well since following Polly the owner on instagram when she first started posting her 'daily doodles.'

Make sure you follow Polly on social media - her tweets are funny and intelligent and her instagram is great!
 As I mentioned before I have been following Polly on instagram for a while so I knew how high quality her products were and her drawings are just brilliant. When Polly tweeted saying that she was going to be bringing out some new products which were notebooks and mirrors so I just couldn't resist for any longer and had to buy something.
The phone case I chose was the one I wanted from the very start which is called 'Little Bitch' (here) the case is £14 which I understand a lot of people will think is quite expensive. But the case is made of such a high quality. The text is not pixelated at all and I love how it is a matte black case. The sides of the case is clear which i like as you can see your phone still. I do wish that there were silicone cases as well as hard but I don't think the quality would be as good if there was and it would probably be difficult to buy. I did feature this product in my August favourites as I love it so much. I highly recommend buying one from Polly. I did have a bit of trouble with the delivery of the case but Polly was so good at dealing with it and has great customer skills. The final thing I bought was a new product and that was this tiny notebook which I use for lists (here). Polly's skills at typography are amazing I could never do what she does. The notebook is really good quality and the text would not come off. I actually can not get my head around how the text looks like it's been printed on the cover but I know she draws them on.
I really admire Polly for what she has created and I think she is doing an amazing job.
Would you like to buy from Polly's shop? If you do I have added her logo to the side of my blog which links straight to her shop.
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