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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Style Icona is the new style app on the block but with a twist.I was recently contacted by style icona via twitter asking if I would like an invite to try their brand new style app and of course I said yes.
This app is the new way of expressing your style digitally (instagram you've got some competition). You are able to upload pictures of your outfits and people will then rate them, now it does sound a bit harsh having people say they don't like what you are wearing but don't take it the wrong way it's probably because its just not their style.
I love that the app lets others give their opinion on your outfits and if you don't have a clue what to wear one morning you can just sign in and see all the different outfits that people are wearing. If you have been reading my style inspiration posts then you will know I love looking at what others are wearing.
Another great thing about this app is if you are in a changing room and not sure whether to buy the clothes you are trying on you can take a picture, upload it and see what people think.

I think this app is such a creative way of finding inspiration and recommend that you download it on your phone. I cant wait to start using it more. 

Do you like the idea of this app?

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