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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

 I change my foundation quite often as I love finding new bases, but these three have been my favourites for quite a while. So here is a short review of each.
 Bourjois healthy mix foundation - £9.99 - shade light vanilla
There has been a lot of hype over this foundation in the past and there still is but I have never tried it until recently and I'm not really sure why. The foundation has various ingredients which claim to enhance radiance, hydration and protection against your youth. These are all pretty big claim my skin does look at lot more glowy and dewy when wearing this foundation. I don't feel that it makes much difference to my skin feeling more hydrated or the protecting against youth (I'll let you know in about 30 years). I would say that this is a light to medium coverage foundation and does not feel heavy on the skin at all. It blends really nicely into the skin and last for a reasonable amount of time probably around 8 hours. I love this foundation a lot but would think that it would be suited to people with normal or dry skin. I am slightly preferring this to wake me up at the moment.
Mac studio fix fluid - £21.50 - shade NC20
I won't talk to much about this foundation as I am doing a full review which will be posted next Sunday. But I will say that I love this foundation a lot. It gives a great medium coverage which can easily be built to full. It lasts all day on me longer than the healthy mix and that is without powder. I am really glad I tried this foundation in the end after hearing mixed reviews. Also, I have found that with some semi matte foundations go a little bit too cakey and dries out the skin but this doesn't at all. 
 Loreal true match - £9.99 - Shade W1
This has probably been one of the most talked about foundations this year and if you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I loved it and still do. After buying studio fix I did realise that two are very similar so when I can't afford to buy another Mac one I know that I can buy this instead. It is a medium coverage stain finish foundation. The foundation is easily blended I like to use the Real Techniques expert face brush as I feel that this picks up the right amount of product. You can read a full review of this foundation here but if you haven't picked it up yet I really recommend that you do as I don't think I have found a foundation with the closest match to my skin.
What are your top three foundations?
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