Friday, September 12, 2014

You may be wondering where I am and you are probably thinking I swear she posts three times a week. But sadly, that was an August thing as I had more time due to being off from school. I never realised how much I would actually miss posting on a Friday as well as a Sunday and Wednesday. The reason I haven't posted on a Friday is not because I'm being lazy but as I have gone back to sixth form I haven't really had time. But what I am going to try and do is post every other Friday-  hopefully I am full of ideas and if I don't then you know why. 

But to compensate on missing my Friday posts I have been using my blog instagram a lot more so you can follow me here. All my other social media links are in the side bar. I hope you have a lovely weekend I am off to London to visit London College of Fashion. 

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