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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Rimmel is a make-up brand which I first discovered when I first started wearing make-up simply because my mum had a lot of their products. I love the Rimmel brand because it is very affordable and is a British cosmetic company. So, here are a few of the products that I have been loving from Rimmel for quite a while or recently. 

 I'll start with base product as I do like to change them up for quite a while. 

Rimmel Wake me up concealer - review - buy 
This is one of my favourite concealers and is even beating the collection lasting perfection which I have kind of fallen out of love with. The concealer gives a really god coverage and really brightens my under eyes. I like how it isn't too thick like the collection one as it doesn't crease and blends really well. I have done a full review of this concealer which I have linked above. 

Rimmel Stay Matte powder - buy
I think this is a powder which is very well known in the beauty world but I do know there are a few people that aren't a fan. However, I love it this was one of the first products from Rimmel that I bought and I have stuck with it every since. It sets my make-up really well especially concealer and keeps me matte throughout the day so I don'y get every shiny. I love how they have a 'transparent' shade so it doesn't add any colour to my face just keeps everything in place. 

Rimmel lasting finish foundation - buy
This is a new release by Rimmel and I am really impressed with it. I had a sample of the 'nude' version of this foundation in a magazine and really like the medium coverage of that foundation so I thought why not try the high coverage version. It definitely is high coverage which is great as I only need one pump. i think it will be a really good foundation in the winter for when my skin gets a little drier and I want to make sure my foundation lasts. A full review of this foundation will be coming soon. 

 Rimmel moisture renew lipstick - review - buy
I have reviewed these lipsticks before so won't talk about them too much. But I still am loving these even though I have been going for nude shades on my lips recently. But this shade will be perfect for Halloween. As I have said before these lipsticks are really hydrating and don't dry out your lips which some matte lipsticks can do. I do still need to buy a few more shades as in the winter I want to be wearing these instead of a matte lipstick because I think they will be better for my lips. 

Rimmel scandaleyes mascara - buy 
When I first brought this mascara I wasn't that much of a fan but when I left it for a while and came back to it I found that it made my lashes look a lot longer and added volume. The brush is quite strange as it is a bit like a figure eight but it does grab your lashes and is really good for getting the difficult ones in the corner of your eyes.

Rimmel eyebrow pencil - buy
Before I used my elf eyebrow kit this was all I used on my brows an it was really good. The shade was quite a good match and it can be use to fill in your eyebrows very precisely or if you just want to add a bit of definition in the arch. I found that it was really soft to use as well and easy to get out when you take your make-up off. 

What Rimmel products do you love?
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