Favourite high street store: TOPSHOP

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

 This idea for this post is actually thanks to one of my favourite youtubers Niomi Smart. She did a video a while ago where she talked about her favourite shop at the time as hers changes often like mine. Then she showed some items that she bought and how she would put at outfit together which is what I going to do today. Sadly, I didn't get chance to show the outfits on but I hope you get the idea. 

Topshop is a very popular high street store which lately I have been loving. I feel that all their new stock is really nice, good quality and great for this season. The staple item from Topshop that I have chosen to base these outfits around are the black croc skater shoes which I have wanted ever since they first came out. As you can probably tell I have worn them to death, you can find them here.

Black Joni jeans, red cami

 This first outfit is one I wore quite often in the summer as it features a cami but it can be layered by adding a cardigan so it would then be suitable for winter. I really like this outfit for the day time as it is quite casual and the cami adds a bold colour so the outfit isn't too plain. 

Grey slouchy jumper, joni jeans

This outfit is perfect for winter as the grey jumper is really slouchy and comfortable. I like to wear it with a shirt underneath sometimes to make it look that bit smarter but on it's own it's fine. Again, I paired this with my joni jeans as I love wearing grey black. 
Black scallop hem tshirt, blue acid wash leigh jeans
high neck tshirt
These two outfits are quite similar so I thought I would just explain them together. Black is the colour that you will probably see me where most often as I'm writing this I'm wearing black jeans and a shirt. So obviously I have a lot of black t-shirts as they are easy just to throw on for sixth form. These two tops I love from Topshop as they are so simple but still look really nice, I am really liking the high neck trend at the moment and would like to get another from Topshop. I also like to wear these tops with a necklace as then I feel they look a little more dressed up. The leigh jeans also are so comfortable and soft however they have got slightly baggy recently. 

Which outfit is your favourite?
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