Style Inspiration: Miranda Kerr

Friday, October 10, 2014

Another style inspiration post, this one you can probably guess from the tittle is based on the supermodel Miranda Kerr.
 Miranda is obviously very famous as she was a Victoria Secret angel and was married to Orlando Bloom but what stands out for me most about her is her sense of style. Her outfits always looks so effortless and well put together. 
She also has a little boy so I don't know how she has the time to look so good. Lots of her outfits can be quite simple but then she also likes to experiment with new trends and outfit pieces. Many of her outfits include leather as she is often seen in leather trousers, skirts or shorts which I think looks very sophisticated on her. She even looks amazing in double denim which not many people can do. Miranda may be very rich but she doesn't just wear high end brands such as Alexander McQueen but she is also a big fan of Topshop which can make recreating her outfits a lot more affordable. 
As well as her style, I am very envious of her hair and make-up. I love the length of her hair an how it looks when its curled and her make-up is so simple and glowing and she is often seen with a bold lip.

What do you think of Miranda's style? 
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