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Saturday, October 25, 2014

There must be thousands of blogs that we could read everyday which are amazing. So I've put together a few of my favourite beauty bloggers. I love the blogging community and how supportive everyone is so I think they all deserve a mention even if you do already know them. I do read a lot more beauty blogs but I think these are the ones that stand out the most for me and have enabled a few purchases.

Lily Pebbles & Vivianna does makeup 
It only feels right to talk about Anna and Lily together as they are quiet similar and I first discovered their YouTube channels before their blogs. I find when reading their posts that I can really tell that they care about giving us their readers the correct information and really research the products that they review.  A post I really liked of Lily's recently is the comparison between the Anastasia brow wiz and the soap and glory archery as it shows that you can go for the cheaper product and still get the same or similar results. I always go to Anna's blog if I am looking for base products as she really does know it all and how to find the perfect foundation. A series that I loved that they did together was the blogging tips as I find it really useful as they thoroughly said what is important when blogging and making YouTube videos.  

Couture Girl
I must have spoken about Kayleigh on my blog hundreds of times by now but she is one of the nicest girls and as one of the best blogs in the world. I have emailed Kayleigh a few times and she has always given me great advice. Her own knowledge combined with her amazing beauty knowledge equals a very good blog. I love that when Kayleigh reviews a product she gives a very detailed review and takes her time something that I would like to do more. Her reviews always give a heavily detailed explanation of what the product is, how she used it and what she found was good and bad and her photography is also great as well. 

I wasn't too sure if I should put Em in this post or in the one I am going to do on lifestyle bloggers as I am loving reading about her travelling around America at the moment. I decided on beauty though as that is why I first began to read her blog. Like Kayleigh, Em also gives amazing reviews but a post I really loved of hers is where she talked about her Uni experience as I found it really helpful. 

Liana Beauty 
Amelia also has a really good YouTube channel which has lots of beauty videos but also lookbook and weekly vlogs that I love. I love reading Amelia's blog because she is very big lipstick lover like me so she always features some really nice ones that get added to my never ending wishlist. Some other posts that I love of hers is her routine posts as I used some of her product recommendations or ideas to develop my own evening routine as they were really useful.

London Beauty Queen 
Hayley's blog is great and her layout is so fun and colourful, it has been featured in so many popular magazines which just shows how good it is. I love that she has continued blogging for so long and has not changed one bit as she still includes lots of affordable drug store products in her posts. I also love that she has brought out a collection of make-up bags.

Essie button
Probably Canada's most famous beauty blogger. I love Estee's posts as you can really hear her voice through them as it's like she is speaking to you. Her layout is so fun but simiple and I love her header as it features her favourite things including her dog. Her beauty advice is amazing I love how in her videos she always makes me laugh. 

The Sunday girl
The Sunday girl blog layout that I have always lusted after as it is so simple but you can find everything easily. I like that the posts are all mainly reviews as if I want to know what a product is like I will instantly know to check on this blog as she has most likely to have written a great review on it. One thing that really stands out for me about this blog is that in the about section it tells you how long these products have been tested for so as a reader I know that the review is going to be truthful.

Hello October
I love Suzie's blog for a bit of everything just like many of these other beauty bloggers but her beauty and skincare is really helpful. Some of her posts that I love to read are the budget buy, daily face and her how to posts. I think I love every lipstick that she has in her collection which makes me want to buy them all. 

 Dizzy Brunette 
Last but not least is Corrie. If you know this blog I am sure you know that Cheryl loved Corrie's hair so she must have some very good beauty and hair knowledge and from reading her blog she definitely does. I always love reading her posts as she always draws me in and I feel that I know something knew about a product, her monthly favourites post and vidoes are what I love reading the most and her funny little comments that she makes. I think she is such a lovely girl and you should definitely have a look at her blog.

So there are some of my favourite beauty blogs, what are your favourite beauty blogs to read?
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