Sunday, November 09, 2014


'You need some more meat on those bones,' 'you could just slip right out of that playsuit,'
If you heard these comments it isn't very likely that anyone would say anything. Although if you heard someone saying this 'she is so fat,' I think everyone would be quick to defend that person.

 So what makes it ok to call someone 'skinny' however when you call them 'fat' there is a big difference but 'skinny shaming' is fine because if a person is thinner or smaller than another bigger person then they have no problems in the world.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a small waist or having a bigger one everyone should be considered beautiful but this is not the case. You would think now that in 2014 nearly 2015 we wouldn't be singling each other for looking different but apparently we still are.
Yes bigger women have been criticised in the media for being the size they are however that does not mean that smaller women aren't either, I know for a fact that people in the past have said to me that I am 'too skinny' when in actual fact I am a pretty healthy weight and eat what I am supposed to do but apparently that doesn't matter and because I'm 'skinny' they are allowed to say that to my face and there will be no problem. I also don't quite understand why thinner people are called 'skinny' when bigger people are now known to be 'curvy' which is the new desired look which I don't think is write at all as it really doesn't matter what size you are and why should you be labelled for being that size.

The song 'All about that bass' has caused a very big reaction I know a few people that love it and others that absolutely loathe it, I'm not it's biggest fan and the annoying video and tune doesn't really help either. The song is essentially telling you to love yourself but the lyrics kind of contradict that view. Yes there aren't many songs out there regarding bigger women and quite a lot about smaller girls but those songs seem to make smaller girls out to be perfect which they probably aren't or very sexual which gives the total wrong impression. I think the song (all about that bass) could have been really amazing if it didn't include the little bit of skinny shaming it has such as calling them 'skinny bitches' I really didn't realise that being skinny meant that we are all bitches or because I don't have ' a little bit more booty to hold on at night' then no boy will ever look at me because I don't have a bum the size of Jupiter. Overall, I really don't think this song has helped the debate in anyway it has just reversed it instead onto the opposite body type as saying one body type is write and not another is just unfair. Wouldn't it be much better if we were all supporting each other?

Whether, you are a size 0 - 32 you are no better or no worse than anyone else and should be happy the way you are. I know this is quite a controversial post but I thought it was something I had to point out as I don't think weight shaming should be acceptable?
What do you think?

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