October Favourites

Monday, November 03, 2014

I think in every favourites post I must have said that I can’t believe it’s the end of the month already but I actually can’t I feel like this year has gone by extremely fast. But I am very excited for Christmas and can’t believe it’s so close, now onto the favourites, starting with beauty.
Maybelline colour tattoo in Permanent taupe
I actually bought this quite a long time ago looking for on and on bronze but picked this up instead. At first I never really got on with it as it wasn’t that easy to blend however this month I have been wearing it quite a lot. The colour is a dark brown so I apply it in the middle of the lid and blend it out, I have found that after leaving it for a while it has become easier to blend and work with. This would also be really good as a base for a dark smoky eye as it would make it last longer.

Amazonangled brush
As these brushes were so cheap I was so surprised at how good they actually are, you can find a full review of them here. This brush I have been using all month for my foundation as you can see it is quite dirty but it has been washed during the month don’t worry. I find that this applies my foundation really well as the brush is dense but still soft.

Bourjoishighlighter and bronzer
I never actually tried the original famous chocolate bronzer but when I knew they were bringing it out with a highlighter I had to pick it up. The bronzer is really good for contouring and adding that bit of warmth to your face. The highlight shade is also amazing as there isn’t that much shimmer in it so the highlight is subtle but still makes your cheekbones (or on existent ones like mine) stand out and look glowy. I have also mixed the highlight and bronzer together a few times which looks as equally as good as when applied separately as then it gives an overall glow.

Barry Mgelly nail polish – lychee
                This nail polish is such a lovely natural shade which I love and think is a bit different to the typical autumn shades such as the dark purples. I actually lost this nail polish and had to buy another because I loved to wear it. It lasts about four days for me with a few slight chips and then when I use a top coat I find that it lasts at least a week.

Simplerefreshing facial wash gel
Since my two micellar waters finished I had been looking for something different to get the majority of my make-up off which is when I saw this in my skincare stash. I have actually nearly finished this so will have to buy the bigger version but when I have used it my skin feels a lot softer and refreshed. It is probably a bit slower to use than a micellar water as with this you have to foam it up on your face but I find that it works just as well even better than the water.

Garnier PureActive 3 in 1
I think this has got to be one of the best drugstore skincare products I have found. This is a face wash, scrub and mask all in one which I think is brilliant as it saves you from essentially having three different products because you can have it all in one which would be great for travelling. On the back it has instructions on how to use the different things which is useful. I have used it as a mask which felt really nice on my skin and left it feeling thoroughly clean. When using it as a wash it is just the same as using the scrub but they are both really good and get virtually all of my make-up off. I don’t think that it would be that good for sensitive skin as it is quite harsh.

Topshop highneck top
My fashion favourite is this top from Topshop as it is so comfortable to wear and really simple. High necks are really on trend at the moment so this is a really easy way to wear the trend. It is a really stretchy material and has lots of other autumnal colours which I want to get also as I think it is a good staple item to have in your wardrobe.

Finally my favourite youtuber of the month is Hannah Maggs as I love her vlogs of her and her family. This past month the editing that Stefan has done has been amazing, they have to be the best videos that I see every week as they are so creative and you can really see the effort that they put in. You can find their channel here and Hannah's blog here

What have been your favourites this month?
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