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Monday, November 24, 2014

Not that long ago I wrote a post on a few of my favourite beauty blogs (which you can read here) so I thought it was only fair to write one on fashion blogs too. I do read quite a lot of blogs, fashion being ones I enjoy reading as I find a lot of inspiration. These obviously aren't all the ones that I read but they are some of my favourites. 

Lily is probably one of the first fashion blogs that I read as she has been blogging for about 6 years now and has continued to do a fantastic job. Her outfits are always super stylish and on trend. I love that she keeps her posts quite short so they are straight to the point and the main focus is on her outfit. I love how she styles her outfits and her wish list posts always make me want to buy everything. She has enabled quite a few of my purchases as I remember when she first showed some skater shoes I automatically knew that I wanted a pair. 

That Pommie Girl
I was actually introduced to Sarah's blog from my sister as she watches her YouTube videos which are just as good as her blog posts. Lots of her outfits are very simple but include a key piece like an camel coat or some statement  heels. All her outfits are styled so well and include really affordable pieces. 

Beth Norton 
Beth's blog I absolutely love as she is a year older than me I feel that I can relate to her more. Her style is amazing and I often find myself going back to some of her blog posts to look for inspiration. Her outfit photos are always amazing and I really hope that I can do some like that in the future. My favourite posts of hers are actually the 'my week in photos' as it gives a little insight into her life. 

Georgia Luisa Meramo
Again someone with amazing photography and hair is Georgia. I have followed her blog for quite a while as she goes to LCF one of my uni choices so I wanted to hear what she thinks are the uni. She has really enabled me to love ASOS a lot more as lots of her clothes are from there. I love the simplicity of her style but she makes everything look like it's just came off the catwalk.

Things I do, think and buy
Another LCF student, Charlotte. I think I actually found her blog through instagram and I am so glad I did. As well as her photos and outfit being amazing she writes really well too and as well as showing you how the outfit is styled she will also say too. I love how she doesn't just include three photos of her outfits but includes a lot from various angles. 

They are my top 5 fashion blogs but I didn't not want to include style confessional, The Little Magpie and what olivia did because I really love these too. These three have very different styles which I love and they really show through their blogs. Like, the bloggers above their photographer and content is amazing and you can really tell that they work hard. 

I hope you liked this post and that it allowed you to discover some new blogs. 

What do you think of these fashion blogs? 

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