Christmas Checklist

Sunday, December 07, 2014


Christmas is obviously one of my favourite times of year and many other people's but sometimes it can be a little hectic which means we forget to do a lot of important things. So I have included a few tips to help you be more organised.

Lists and more lists I am an avid list maker, I have lists for my lists. It would be a good idea to start this in mid November as then you will know what gifts you are buying, what decorations you need and all the other Christmassy stuff. I find it useful to put little tick boxes as then as you go along it is easy to see what still needs doing. 
Present planning This would be a ideal to do after you have made your main list. If you have a lot of presents to buy which you probably do it would be best to write a list of who you are giving to, ideas you have for their present and browse the shops and online before you buy. This way you can look for the cheapest place as Christmas is a very expensive time of year. 
Christmas Shopping when you are off doing your shopping make sure you stick to what is on your list so this saves you from spending on unnecessary things. Also, if you are ordering online and you know you can buy a lot of items from one place do that one order instead of multiple little ones, just make sure you do it in plenty of time. Shopping in department stores is great too as they have virtually everything all under one roof. Don't forget to pick up wrapping paper, gift tags and any other bits and bobs such as ribbon that you would like to use.
Cards this is similar to presents just make sure write a list of who you need to send them to with their address and then you are all ready to write them.
Time to wrap I would advise doing this quite early two at least two weeks before the big day so you can get everyone's presents out in time. If you like to make your wrapping to look creative I recommend that you have a look on Pinterest as there are so many ideas on there.

So there are a few of my tips for being organised, how do you stay organised at Christmas?
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