What I got for Christmas 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hey everyone! So it's currently Boxing Day and I am sitting very comfortably feeling quite snug and digging into some celebrations. I thought it would be the perfect time to type up the 'what I got for Christmas post' I've never done this before but last year I read a lot of blog posts and found them really lovely to read. Before we start just a small disclaimer as sometimes people can get a little funny with these post, I am no way bragging at all with what I got as I know I am very lucky but I know that the majority of people enjoy reading these posts as it gives them ideas for next year or what they could buy in the sales. So let's begin

 The only thing I ever ask for at Christmas is money as I prefer to buy things myself in the sale or have the money for things in the future. But my Mum always goes overboard and buys me a lot of gifts as well. Soap and glory is always a great gift to get me as I am a big fan of their products, this box is filled with little minis from the lime range which I love. I then also received a nivea bath set which I was very happy to see included the in shower body moisturiser as I have been wanting to try that and a sanctuary spa bath set which looks very luxurious and I can't wait to try the products inside. More bath products I got were some bath fizzers and yes I did use one yesterday, a lush bath bomb which has also been used but it was space girl which is one of my favourites, some soap which is in the shape of roses and shower gel. From my friend Kirti she got me a seventeen eyeshadow large pallette which includes various shades and little tips inside which is great. Another eyeshadow pallette I received was the No7 one which I actually got two of, this pallette has lots of lovely neutral matter and shimmery shades which are perfect for everyday and the packaging I also love. My sister's present is quite funny as it is stuff she bought herself but didn't want it's the thought that counts right? So she got me a nail varnish ( my gran also got me the barry m one) necklace and a perfume which doesn't smell too bad. This next gift set was from my Gran and it includes a hand cream, nail varnish, small perfume which will be great to go in my handbag and some nail diamante's. 

 Finally, I was given some gift vouchers which will be great as I can use them in the sales, I love the boots one a lot as I think it's great that it comes in a box, sad I know. I also have a lot of chocolate and the picture above isn't all of it but seeing as it's Christmas you can eat as much chocolate as you like and regret it later. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas whether you celebrate it or not, I had a lovely time and feel very fortunate. 
How was your Christmas and what was your favourite gift?

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