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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

 After Christmas I did quite a lot of spending on fashion and beauty bits. So this week is my beauty haul and then up next Wednesday will be my clothing bits. I had needed to stock up on quite a few make-up bits so thought I would put my Boots voucher to good use. I spotted this Boots own foaming cleanser and liked the idea of it as I had been wanting something similar to a facial wash to get all my make- up off quickly. I love using this as it breaks down all of my make-up with just a few pumps and doesn't dry up my skin.
I bought two new base products which were the Mac Studio fix fluid and the Bourjois healthy balance powder. At the end of November I ran out of my studio fix fluid so decided to repurchase it as a present to myself. I chose the healthy balance powder as I had heard a lot of people raving about how good this powder is, so I will definitely keep you updated on that and maybe even do a review. Also, related to the base I picked up the Maybelline baby skin primer as my Rimmel one ran out and I wanted to try something new. This primer so far I prefer to the Rimmel as I feel that it does a bit more. I also really like the packaging as it is really fun and the colours stand out.
My friend Kirti actually infleunced this next buy as she told me that if I was the buy one product then this would be it and as it was Christmas and I needed a new eyebrow product I could justify it. So, I ordered the Anastasia dip brow pomade, I was actually planning to buy the brow wiz but as Kirti was so sure that I would prefer this I had to get it. I'm sure you are very intrigued to find out what I think of it so there will be review up at the end of the month. My trust Elf angled brush sadly had a bit of disaster which meant I needed to buy a new angled brush for my eyebrows. I was looking to buy the Barry M one but couldn't see that so I ended up buying this Eco tools eye duo set which I am really impressed with as they are great quality and I really love the blending brush. I also think these will be perfect for travelling as they are double ended. 
I seemed to have bought quite a few lip products but they are my favourite make- up items. I had another make-up disaster as my Rimmel lip liner snapped and as it is my favourite liner I had to pick up another. The Rimmel exaggerate lip liners are amazing quality so I replaced East End snob and picked up another in Red diva which is a bright red. Another lip product which I already have is the Bourjois rouge velvet edition but this time I decided to get a red so I chose the shade 'grand chu.' A lip pencil that I have seen a lot recently and have been meaning to pick up is the Maybelline colour drama lipstick. This is a lip pencil which is creamy so can be a lip liner and a lipstick, I chose the shade minimalist as it is a really nice nude shade which is perfect for everyday. The final product and probably my favourite is the Mac lipstick in Twig. This is a satin finish which is now by far my favourite and I plan to buy a lot more. The shade is a lovely pinky/ brown which is great for everyday and can be deepened for an evening look. 

What is your favourite product that I have bought or you would like to try? P.s. thanks so much for 150 followers and do let me know what posts you would like to see soon.
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