Henry Holland nails

Sunday, January 11, 2015

 If you read my Clothes Show post then you will know that I picked these nails up for a brilliant bargain at £1.50 which is great as they retail for £9. As soon as Henry Holland released these nails I have been wanting them for a while. In the pack you get a 24 nails of 10 different size, a nail glue and file. I found that to apply the nails was really easy and they were a good fit for my own nails. I put them on Saturday night and as I am typing this they are still on (Tuesday night) so they last pretty well as I have found with some false nails that they come off pretty fast and easily. I love how these came with some letters to stick on which I did end up using to spell out 'merry xmas!' but I did find that the letters ripped a little. I would definitely get some more of these nails and pay for the full retail price. I love all the different styles that there are especially the black and gold and ombre ones. 

You can buy the Henry Holland nails here.

What do you think of these nails?
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